TeamWork Pm vs FaceBook

Unfortunately Lika and Misbah couldn’t be bothered to go on and use it so we ended up using Facebook, even against my better judgement. I didn’t want to use is because I felt it is rather mess and you have lest control over it, for example I can give people job roles and set tasks and some on it felt more secure.

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Teamwork PM

I wanted to keep this project professional so I decided to set up a Project manager system account using The whole point of this is because it would keep the project more organised and it was easy to use. You can give people job role, tasks and  the project milestones to work on.

I feel that this would be a lot better to work with rather then Facebook.

Here are some examples of  what it looks like to see it larger please click on the image:

Example Origami

This is just a panda face origami with our details on the back. I made this out of water paint paper so it was rather stiff to fold but it didn’t rip, of cours we will get proper origami paper and is will be thiner but foldable and less likely to rip.  Please click on the image to see it larger:


When we first started our Panda Print we was just going to use wordpress and I set up a wordpress account by the name This was only temporary solution until I bought our domain however we would continue to use wordpress as the platform.


As for a few days ago we are now the proud owner of so I will like up our wordpress to our domain. It was really cheap it cost me a total of £5.39  however I have yet to buy my hosting but that will be for my personal domain as well so I was going to buy it anyways.


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Jake the technician

Once we got a name we went to look for him Alex told me he was on the 9th floor. We went up there and he was the first person to walk up to. Her said that he if was just want to learn the lazer cutter then can defiantly help. Jake said we need to read up on some document he will send us and he also ask use what is our idea.

We told him and he said that to do 20 business card at the size of 88mmx54mm will take us about 1hour and a half. We never knew this but he was a big help he even said he works on the board for some project like ours and told use what we need to take into account.

We was told we need to buy our own material but he will be willing to help.

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I had no idea where to start other groups who wanted training on the prototyping so I posted on the forum in the hopes to get a product design student who may not have a group yet. Click on it i you want to see it larger.

I got a few replies from people but none that could offer me the skills I was looking for. But then I got and email from a guy in Product design called Alex Tatner who pointed us in the right direction. He also said if we had posted this up before then he would have became part of our group, as you can imagen I was gutted. He gave up the name of a technician called Jake who might be able to help us.

Penrose market

When I first started in my group we didn’t even think about Penrose simply because out first idea was not ‘market material’. With our new idea we choose to apply for Penrose because we have a physical product for people to touch and look at.


I was then voted to be team leader and had to have a few meeting about Penrose and we have been given a place at Penrose to sell our idea and products. So this meet we now need to train on the lazer cutter. But I had no idea where to start.